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Our peonies are available at the farm, at garden shows and via our website. Our catalogue includes a large selection of bare root and containerised peonies.

Bare root peonies can be ordered throughout the year. To place an order, visit our on-line store, use our order form, or send us an email and please read our
order and shipping information. Roots are only harvested in the autumn. They are carefully packaged and accompanied with a brief description. The exact timing for pick-up and shipment depends on the weather.

Containerised peonies in sturdy large 7L and some very large 21L containers are available throughout the year. They are available at our farm or at the garden shows we attend. We cannot ship any containers.


For bare root as well as containerized peonies the decisive element of success is the quality of the root. A vigorous root has 3 to 5 eyes and a healthy rootsystem to support the growth of the new shoots.

Most of your herbaceous peonies, containerized or bare root, will show some flower in their first spring. Itoh peonies tend to test our patience a year longer.

The size of roots in our 7L containers is identical to the freshly dug roots we sell in autumn.

Our tree peonies are sold as 2-3 or 4-5 year old grafted plants.

A tree peony scion - a small piece of healthy new growth - is grafted onto an herbaceous peony root. The herbaceous root is only used as a starter. The tree peony will eventually produce its own root system.

The 4-5 year old plants will show some flower in their first spring. However this is just an indication of what is yet to come.

Most varieties are available as a containerized plant or as a bare root plants in autumn.

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