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2014 P. Leda

Paeonia lutea hybrid "Leda" 1977. Daphnis Nassos (1914 - 2010) New York USA. The petals of this large soft pink flower are laced with burgundy red veins that gather in the heart of the flower. The yellow stamens form a striking contrast against the dark centre. A beautiful tree peony with neatly presented symmetrical fragrant flowers. Sturdy stems clad in healthy foliage add grandeur to this already beautiful peony. Flowers may be used in exclusive bouquets and arrangements. In Greek mythology Leda is the Queen of Sparta and mother of the twins Castor and Pollux. APS Gold Medal 2014.
P. The Machinac Grand

2013 P. The Mackinac Grand

Paeonia hybrid "The Mackinac Grand" Reath 1992, Vulcan, MI, USA. Three to four rows of warm red ruffled petals surround a tuff of golden stamens and several pink tipped carpels. The radiant semi-double flowers are carried on sturdy densely foliaged stems. They have a slight spreading habit which ads a touch of grace to the growing habit of this strong and very reliable bloomer. An asset for the natural garden or hot border. Sincerely appreciated by our pollinating garden friends and gardeners alike. APS Gold Medal 2013 and APS Award of Landscape Merit 2012.

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2012 P. Topeka Garnet

Paeonia lactiflora "Topeka Garnet" Bigger Myron, Topeka Kansas USA 1975. Fierce red petals form a cup shaped flower and surround a centre of yellow staminoids. Red tipped carpels act as focus points. The reddish spring foliage gradually changes into a very dark green. Foliage remains healthy even during hot dry seasons. A worthy landscape peony, which acts like a bright focal point in every spring garden. APS Gold Medal 2012 and APS Award of Landscape Merit 2009.
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2011 P. Amalia Olson

Paeonia lactiflora "Amalia Olson" Olson Christian Colfax North Dakota USA / Nelson 1959. Pure white lush petals form a sumptuous double flower, with the occasional small red speck on the outside of the petals. During a cool spring, flowers may display a pinkish blush on a warm day. A beautiful cut flower and precious landscape peony. Lovely fragrance. A vigorous double peony, which does not need additional support. Healthy dark green foliage changes to a warm colour in autumn. Named after the mother of Mr. Olson. APS Gold Medal 2011.
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2010 P. Buckeye Belle

Paeonia officinalis hybrid "Buckeye Belle" Mains Walter (1880-1965) Belle Center, Ohio, USA 1956. Beautiful deep red outer petals are cupped around a profusion of golden stamens, anthers and deep mahogany filaments. Softly scented flowers are held erect above the foliage. The first shoots are burgundy coloured; later shoots progress to a lighter shade of green. Buckeye Belle is a wonderful garden plant and cut flower. It won the APS Gold Medal 2010 and the Award of Landscape Merit 2009.
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2009 P. Hephestos

Paeonia lutea hybrid "Hephestos" Daphins Nassos (1914 - 2010) New York USA 1977. Luxurious velvety red petals enclose a ring of golden coloured stamens. The warmth of the red is such that it could only be named after Hephestos, the god of fire in Greek mythology. The slightly ruffled petals are placed with great care and the angle emphasizes their velvety appearance.
Soft fragrant flowers are held well above the healthy foliage. Hephestos represents all the qualities, a tree peony should have, and was the deserved winner of the APS Gold medal 2009.
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P. Old Faithful

Paeonia hybrid "Old Faithful" Glasscock Lyman D. (1875-1952) Elwood, Illinois, USA 1964. Beautiful full red buds herald a flower without precedent! Its velvet petals are large, deep red and intricately interwoven. These are complemented by sturdy stems clad in glossy, dark green foliage. While Old Faithful is a quadruple hybrid of unknown origins, it remains a jewel for the garden. And if you must, it can also be cut for a sumptuous floral display. Old Faithful is not the tallest geyser in Yellow Stone National Park, but certainly the most reliable. This peony is as reliable, beautiful and recurrent as its natural namesake. Winner of the APS Gold Medal 1997 and Award of Landscape Merit 2009.
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P. Garden Treasure

Paeonia Itoh "Garden Treasure" Hollingsworth Donald Maryville, Missouri USA 1984. Semi-double blooms with an abundance of golden yellow petals. Soft red markings in the heart of the flower give it depth. Several side buds develop alternately and guarantee a long flowering period. Blooms are harmoniously located. Soft fragrance. Foliage is semi-glossy and will last until the first frost. A truly beautiful garden jewel! APS Gold Medal 1996 and Award of Landscape Merit 2009.
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P. Pink Hawaiian Coral

Paeonia peregrina x lactiflora "Pink Hawaiian Coral" Klehm Roy, Illinois, USA, 1981.
Light salmon pink petals form an almost perfectly proportioned semi-double to full flower, with soft yellow accents in the centre. One of the better coral performers. One flower per stem.
Stout stems are well dressed with good foliage.
In spite of being also one of the earliest to bloom, is does resist a spring frost. Light fragrance. APS Gold Medal 2000 and APS Award of Landscape Merit 2009.
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P. Krinkled White

Paeonia lactiflora "Krinkled White" Brand Archie Mack (1871-1953), son of Oliver Faribault, Minn. USA
1928. Pure white, wild silk-textured petals enclose a centre of yellow pollen-bearing stamens. Softly scented. Very resilient to adverse weather and drought conditions. Multiple side buds on long slender stems extend the flowering season. APS Gold Medal 2008 and Award of Landscape Merit 2009.
A selection of cultivars which were awarded a Medal from the American Peony Society is available at our nursery. To view this selection, please click here.
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