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How often is your nose subject to a wee dusting of pollen? And how does a scent affect your well-being?

Scent affects the oldest part of our brain that is closely related to emotions and memories. A certain scent can bring back memories of times long forgotten. Perhaps the lovely smell of baked waffles – or the odour of carbolic soap! – reminds you of your grandma.

At Graefswinning, we aim for a
peony collection that touches all of our senses. Scent is a characteristic we particularly favour and a criterion that is highly valued when selecting peonies for our catalogue.

Peonies have a vast array of perfumes that vary from the sweet, rose scent of “Ma Petite Cherie” to the spicy, herbal, or lemon scent of “Duchesse de Nemours”.

We do not apply a rigid perfume classification when presenting our peonies. Scent is very personal, and unfortunately – or perhaps fortunately – cannot be transmitted electronically. There is only one option: visit our flower fields in bloom, and enjoy a free dose of happiness while admiring the loveliest of blossoms.

lttb: P. Ma Petite Cherie, P. Norma Volz, P. Hermione, P. Florence Nicholls.

rttb: P. Duchesse de Nemours, P. Amalia Olson, P. Marie Lemoine, P. Bowl of Cream.
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