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Many herbaceous peonies, developed in previous centuries, are grown in the Netherlands for cut flower production. The criterion for their hybridisation was the production of impressive and beautiful flowers, suited for the cut flower market of past and present times. This might explain why some varieties seem more at home in a well-tended flower patch than a garden border.

Hybridisation is a never-ending quest for perfection. Our wishes and expectations change over the years. The focus has evolved to favour perfect harmony between flower, leaf and shape. This triangle of qualities not only emphasises a plant's classic beauty, but also qualifies it as an object truly worthy of presence in a landscape and garden.


Landscape varieties are distinguished by somewhat shorter and sturdier stems, as well as more compact growth. The flowers appear just above the foliage, and flower and stem match. Many varieties are available in a great number of colours, shapes and scents. Some are slightly lighter in form, perhaps more elegant, but certainly no less beautiful. On the contrary!

Landscape peonies require little maintenance. They do not need to be staked. Their healthy foliage will last until the end of summer or until the first frost. Very often, multiple flower buds extend the flowering season.

The landscape peony is a truly fascinating garden plant. Have a browse through our online catalogue, and be amazed by the beauty and ease landscape peonies have to offer.
Past and present hybridisers have left their mark on the evolution of the peony. We have included their names in our on-line catalogue. Searches are made possible. We hope you will enjoy your journey through the history of peony breeding. For more information please click here.
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