If you follow the seasons, peonies are surely one of your preferred spring flowers. Whether you are a florist; a creative entrepreneur; you wish to treat yourself or surprise someone dear; peonies fit the picture. Order our peonies in advance and we will deliver as soon as they are harvested fresh from our fields.
Easy as pie! Once your order is harvested we will send you an email so you can anticipate their arrival. When ready for shipping or pick-up you will receive a second message.


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Peony Red Grace - NEW

While the colour slowly flows from ruby to a warm red tone the buds unfold into impressive globes. The flowers are carried on sturdy stems and surrounded by bright green foliage. She is a very graceful and desirable peony.

Red Grace is less famous, but she last longer as her counterpart P. Rubra Plena or other red peonies.

Available: In normal weather conditions, the second week of May.
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Peony Buckeye Belle

Beautiful deep red outer petals are cupped around a profusion of golden stamens, antlers and deep mahogany filaments. Softly scented flowers are held erect above the light green foliage. The warm colour tone combines very well with Coral Sunset which flowers at the same time.

Available: In normal weather conditions, the second week of May.
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Peony Coral Sunset

Peonies are beautiful flowers and Coral Sunset is one of our top players. Bright coral-coloured petals form a semi-filled flower. The color slowly fades into ivory, resulting in an abundance of shades. The large flowers stand on sturdy stems that do not need any support. The warm color combines very well with Buckeye Belle and they bloom at the same time. Coral Sunset is also a very popular flower for weddings and parties.

In normal weather conditions, the second week of May.
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Peony Ellen Cowley - NEW

The petals of the cup shaped flowers change gradually from hot pinkish red to ivory. Slightly dissected and healthy foliage clads the sturdy stems from top to bottom. It is a fresh appearance, so nice for a communion or to brighten up your day.

Available: In normal weather conditions, the third week of May.
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Peony Gardenia

Depending on the weather conditions the buds colour white or blush, but slowly turns into perfect white double flowers. Gardenia flowers early in the season and has become one of our favourite classic peonies. Lightly scented, strong stems and a healthy foliage.

Available: In normal weather conditions, the third week of May.
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Peony Duchesse de Nemours 

Double flower with a soft spicy lemon fragrance. The outside petals are reversed to form a bowl containing another compact flower of dense cream coloured petaloids.
This variety has glossy green leaves and belongs to the basic group of classic peony cut flower.

Available: In normal weather conditions, the fourth week of May.
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Peony Honey Gold - NEW

The unique flower form shows beautifully the subtle combination of soft colour tones. A cluster of cream coloured petals emerge from a saucer of white petals. The flower, sometimes topped with a tuft of pink, is pleasantly scented. Sturdy green greyish foliage complements the picture.

Available: In normal weather conditions, the first week of June.
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Peony Sarah Bernhardt

A profusion of different shades of pink petals occasionally highlighted with crimson touches form a full double flower. Slightly perfumed and long lasting, ideal for wedding bouquets and your vase. It's the most classic cut flower peony and named after the actress Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923).

Available: In normal weather conditions, the first week of June.
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Peony Dr. F. G. Brethour - NEW

The large rose shaped flowers are white with a champagne touched centre. The softly scented flowers are carried on strong stems dressed in dark green healthy foliage. A rare but most beautiful variety.

Available: In normal weather conditions, the first week of June.
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Peony Elsa Sass

Large double flowers offer an abundance of white petals in perfect symmetry. One of our last and most appreciated to end the peony season in style. Slightly fragrant.

Available: In normal weather conditions, the second week of June.
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How it's done

During our open field days and at garden fairs throughout the season we have peony bouquets readily waiting for you. On all other days we require a minimum quantity for pickup or delivery. The carefully wrapped flowers are shipped, after payment is received, in a sturdy box and delivered by courier. Once shipped, we will forward the tracking number and web address of the relevant service to the e-mail address provided. We deliver flowers in the Benelux, France and Germany. Timely delivery outside these countries cannot be guaranteed. Pick-up at the farm is also possible, please contact us in advance.
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Fresh from our fields:

Our peonies cultivated with care, are also delivered with care. We supply freshly picked quality peonies in next to no time with a minimum mileage!

Cultivated with care:

In early spring the lateral buds are removed to ensure that all the energy flows to one beautiful flower. Once the buds are mature they are picked, this is precision work. To avoid any damage the sorting and bundling is done with care and therefore by hand. All this to assure that our cut flower peonies provide more than a week of pleasure.

Quality pick:

Depending on the weather we pick the mature flower buds once to several times a day. But we never pick more than 1/3 to 1/2 of one plant, to keep the plant healthy and strong and safeguard its future! Only the prettiest and largest buds are selected the others remain on the plant.


Please unpack the box upon arrival and follow the simple instructions which are included. Do not place the flowers close to fruits since the ethylene gases will fast forward the maturing process! Keep them out of direct sunlight.

Timing :

Our peonies are usually available from mid-May until mid-June. We do our best to meet your wishes and expectations, but we depend totally on the weather.

Vase live:

There is nothing like a peony to reveal slowly but surely all its beauty. Therefore, we keep our cut flowers the shortest possible time in refrigeration. Once they are in an ambient temperature, they will need a few days to flourish. After that, you can enjoy the open blooms for several more days.

Spoiled for choice :

We grow about a dozen varieties to assure a continuous flow of freshly picked peonies during a five week period. First we pick the early varieties and as the season progresses, the other varieties follow.

With so much choice, a mixed bouquet is a good idea, but a combination of early and late varieties is difficult.

However, throughout the season, we can overload you with a succession of different and exiting varieties ... which is just the epitome of luxury!

To our patrons:

We wish to offer our best prices to regular customers. Order in advance to enjoy our most favourable terms. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote.

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