Our world is a beautiful place. It is a gardener's privilege to enhance and safeguard this beauty. And the choice of plants is our most important palette. Combining plants in harmony, within a given space, offers the opportunity to reflect on life, love and living.

Practical issues indeed need to be considered when choosing plants: is this the right plant for a given location, what's in it for the bees .... As important as these, however, are issues such as: can I sense, touch, smell and enjoy my garden? Perhaps you like matching colours, or perhaps you prefer a playful scene free of rules and sophisticated guidelines.

Every year, seasons come and go. Peonies are a seasonal plant: their momentum emphasises nature at its best. In a burst of joy, they offer us their beauty, be it sumptuous or simple, softly toned pink or bright magenta. The choice is endless and the choice is ours....

Enjoy the beauty of these flowers. Treat them right, and their beauty, joy and playfulness will more than meet your expectations.

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